Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How it came to be.....

Well, I'm really pregnant now.
No B.S.
It is here, I'm at 6 months.

Before we found out the sex and picked a name I was pretty ambivalent to this whole thing. I really could have cared less. Then I went for an amniocentesis at, um what was it, 16 weeks?
There I sat in the room and there it was on the screen. A baby. Baby started out looking like an alien then they changed the profile and it looked like a baby. Whew. I mean don't all pregnant women feel like there is an alien in them anyhow. I did not need confirmation that I was carrying one.

At the time, someone kept their legs closed. Spinning and punching but not kicking, ugh. I did get a cool pic of the babies arm. It was doing a closed fisted rocker thing - my husband keeps it in his locker at work. It was cool. And although I got choked up when I saw the heart beating, I was still removed from this whole thing.

So, I paced around for two weeks waiting for my amnio results and the gender of the baby. Then I got the call, all was good and it was a GIRL! Yeah! I was so happy. I mean I really didn't care about the sex but to be honest, I didn't need two Monkeys in my house.

In anxious anticipation for my husband to agree with me like he always does. *rolling eyes* I picked out several names and had my heart set on Allison Noelle. Man I loved that name. OK I had a bunch but that was one of my standouts. So, while I was watching him wash down a whisky on the rocks and I was having my 100th glass of OJ for the day I brought up the names. He scoffed and said "Brooklyn" I scoffed and said, "Too trendy" Back and forth we went and then I said fine, she can go by Brooke. Still bickering over a middle name we went round and round again. You see if it was a boy his name would have been Jeremy Thomas. Thomas after my dad. So, dad was bummed that a girl was not going to get his name......we changed our minds. Why not give her my dad's name? I thought it sounded cool.

So, Brooklyn Thomas it is, it was, she will be. You get the point. And I get this now. Jeremy talks to her all the time now, saying good morning and good night. The dogs don't know who this Brooklyn is but they like sniffing out the room. And I'm realizing that the name rolls off my tongue when I try screaming it at the top of my lungs.

Can't wait to meet you in August lil Brook Trout!

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