Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The first of three....

Saturday night, after my baby shower I was snuggled into bed and snoring away with Mr Pooh at my feet. Momma Beans was in the baby's room sleeping with my husband. Yes, this is our new living arrangement until the pregnancy snores go away in a few weeks. I swear we have turned into some old couple from the 60's with this shit.

Anyhow, around 1 am the dogs go nuts, Beans comes running out of the bedroom in a frenzy barking at the neighbors pulling into the driveway. My husband and I meet in the middle and I see that it is not my neighbors cars. And it hits me - neighbor #1 is having her baby! (three of us are all pregnant and due within weeks of each other)

I was filled in on all the details by her friends: hard labor for a few hours, epidural at 4 pm, baby at 1045 pm - everyone was happy and healthy. I started to envision myself at that place in a few more weeks and had a mild panic attack. I almost wanted to say, "Whew glad she went first on the ride!"

Then, yesterday right before they all got home the Monkey comes into the house in a panic - no one has put up a welcome home sign or anything for neighbor......so him and I got crafty. I did a big banner and he got out the crayons and started coloring. Who knew my husband was a Martha at heart?

Sign was hung, people came home and we chatted with grand mom for a bit out front. As we were driving away to meet up with friends for dinner it hit me: That is going to be my house in about 70 days. Grand moms and friends, signs and balloons, BBQ and beer, well wishers and sore nipples, poppy diapers and cries......and finally meeting Lil B.

It is hitting home faster than a Jonathan Papelbon fastball at Fenway.....and I'm ready to swing

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