Friday, June 12, 2009

Martha Stewart has nothing on me

Ok, Martha has a lot on me....but this nesting thing is sending my craftyness into high gear. Between and Mod Podge - I am going to have some cool projects coming into the house.

I mean seriously - if I had known about digital scrap booking a few years ago I would have saved a ton of money from going to the scrap book store. Although the baby's first year I will do old school scrap style I can't wait to make some more is my first page I ever made on

Moving right I will Mod Podge the hell out of everything I first project is going to be the switch plate covers in Lil B's room. I took the arm rest covers on the chair in her room, will color copy them, then MP them on the switch plates - beats spending 18 bucks each on fancy ones at Anthropologie.

The largest project I really want to MP will be the single closet door in her room and my dresser. I have lofty goals but I cant wait - I'm just stoked that I have found solutions for my decorating drama!!!!

I'm such a Martha.

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