Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily Tardness

I'm a tard and I don't deny it.

I had just written a fabulous post explaining my absence from the Internet world - discussing Internet regret and babies. For some reason, when I tried to add a picture - a pop up about going back and losing information came up and then I clicked the YES button.

And poof, the thoughts to the world (or all four of you) were gone.

I have a bad bad habit of doing that. Among other things.

So here I sit in some damn comfy pants, frustrated that my rantings are now deleted and knowing that my fleeting thoughts are just that, fleeting. When I find my thoughts again I will be sure to let you know and post them.

Until then enjoy the new layout of my page. Clearly I am a tard in the world of making my blog look cool as well.

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