Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby Cakes

Baby Cakes - my newest nickname for Fuss.

And yes, in between not blogging I had a baby, Lil B. I love her name don't get me wrong but things have morphed into a full on assault of the nickname variety. I'm sure you have kids that you have given nicknames to - I had a few as a kid growing up. But I'm thinking not on a scale as big as this.

You see, my husband and I are already nickname people. We have multiple nicknames for each other.....and then once we got dogs - forget about it. I'm surprised those two even come when I call them. Take for instance Chena.....

Chena (pronounced ch-eeee-nuh) turned into Beans, into Momma Beans, and into Mother Beans. And then there is frijole negro (she is black....and a bean) and lest we forget Lopey. Lopey came from my husband who one day called her Chensey, then Chen-suh-lope (something to do with her being related to an antelope ?) and now Lopey or Lopes. Seriously, this poor dog. (I will blog about Buddy's fabulous nicknames as well in the near future)

Baby Cakes you ask? Well, things started off with her being a fussy baby - so we called her Fuss, Fussy, Fussina, Fussenstein etc.....then I call her the Queen of Shorty and Shorty....and now Baby Cakes.....

This poor kid....going to go through life thinking her name is Baby Cakes Fussenstein. It could be worse, she could be Chensalope.

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  1. I kind of like Baby Cakes Fussenstein; it has a nice ring to it!!