Wednesday, July 14, 2010

swirling the drain

From time to time I find inspiration in other blogs and decide that it is time to continue to write here. I have a fear that somehow, someway this will all come back to haunt me but I have been good in the writing department. I figure if I keep it light and fun I should come out unscathed, right? Famous last words.

Light and funny is an odd pairing of words as of late in my life - the husband packed a bag, per my request and moved into a friends house three months ago. It is a long and dramatic story that I will neither bore you with or take the time to write about here. It would make for a great "he said she said" book. Which gave me a great idea that him and I should each write a book and publish it as one - when you get to the end of one story the other one is written upside down, like two tales of woe that forced you to turn the book over and start the other story. It is a great idea in concept, truth is it would never happen. Although I would love to hear his full dramatic tale of all the stupid things I have done and how he managed to come out unscathed and in one piece. I mean really, it is a Christmas miracle he survived my two months of bizarre hormonal behavior following the baby. I was so crazy I cried a few times and wanted to run away. *whew* how did he manage???

So, from this point forward I am managing two hairy, crazed idiotic dogs, a house, a baby, 3/4 of a mortgasge payment and hoping that my husband will have amnesia, come to his senses and come home. Hoping. It is a dim reality at this point but eh, at least the house is spotless.

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