Friday, July 23, 2010

cocktails for dinner

Cocktails for dinner is happening more and more these days. Not like I'm some Tommy Gavin-esque alcoholic a la Rescue Me, it is a subtle realization. Maybe it is the realization that I am so tied up in (hopefully temporary) single motherhood/full time job/dog mothering that I'm simply too busy to eat. Or not.

Maybe I just like the convenience factor of liquid meals. I was always a big Jamba Juice lover.

As of late, by the time I get home from picking the baby up at my parents house it is usually around 6:30 or 7pm - and the baby needs to eat. So, I feed her and then get the bath ready. Sometimes the hanging out in the bathroom with the Short One portion of the evening involves a beer - I stopped buying beer when I realized it wasn't a good habit - bottles are deadly on a tile floor. Back to the night routine.... Following the bath it is an all out wrestling match to lotion, diaper and dress Short One in her pajamas.

And the best, she doesn't want to go to bed like a regular baby at 7:30 or 8....oh no. Someone likes to party until 9:30 or 10 - thus leaving the window of trashy TV and eating to a small one at that.

So, there I am in the kitchen on most nights - stuffing Point Reyes Blue Cheese into olives (I will rant about olives next time) and shaking the Belvedere vigorously with some vermouth and olive juice until it is frothy and cold. Once poured over ice I sip gingerly and play with the Short One until she tires out and cries and screams and blames me for keeping her up.

Olives are an entree on liquid dinner nights - I'm sure the calories are enough to constitute a meal anyhow. Plus, I'm getting my liver back into fighting form following childbirth and mad dieting - I can't let some young kid beat me at flip cup, I need to be in prime form for any spontaneous drinking games that may conspire at any time.

Cocktails, it's what's for dinner.

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